Born in New Jersey, the seventh of nine children, I have always known that I am an artist.

I earned my BFA in painting at the Kansas City Art Institute, in Kansas City, MO, while studying under Warren Rosser, an accomplished, abstract painter from Whales. Warren taught me that an art practice is the pursuit of an inner exploration.

I moved to Seattle, WA in 1984, where a job as caretaker for the Good Shepherd Center, a historic community building, gave me an apartment and art studio. Over my years there I produced a large body of whimsical oil paintings in various sizes. I have been represented by Lucia Douglas Gallery in Bellingham, WA; Kathryn Markell Fine Arts in New York, NY; Davidson Gallery in Seattle, WA; Fresh Paint in Santa Monica, CA; and Next Monet in San Francisco, CA. My work is in the collections of The Portland Art Commission; Sprint; H&R Block; Blue Cross Blue Shield; and Safeco.

I spent time in Budapest, Hungary, and Florence, Italy for artist residency and workshop.

I studied graphic design at Whatcom Community College 2011-2013.

i work on my prints
searching for simplicity
coming from the heart

After moving to Bellingham, WA in 2002, where I have a studio in my home, I began to concentrate on the monotype print. I am drawn to the monotype for its painterly properties. Using quality, tough paper allows for many passes through the press, sometimes rolling the oil base, color ink onto the surface of the plate, sometimes hand brushing it. Layering the image creates subtle nuances and incidents which emerge in the process. The use of collage and decorative papers add elements of pattern and texture. I start the process with blocks of color setting a stage. Adding shapes the image builds. The print takes on it's own character. My objective is to bring a piece to fruition through an interaction of 'idea' with 'process and material', much like a puzzle. Working on prints is a playful concentration of structure, shape, color, texture and the relationship of these things. When I am in the studio this is my focused concern. It is a clearing of the mind and a joy which I hope to share with the viewer.

Print storage boxes

The studio

Ink table

The press

Robin in the studio